2019 Film and Video Poetry Symposium Full Program

2019 Film and Video Poetry Symposium Full Program

The 2019 Film and Video Poetry Symposium, presented by The Film and Video Poetry Society, has announced its official program for the second edition of The Film and Video Poetry Symposium. Starting July 12 and running through August 4, 2019 the Symposium will present international film screenings, 9 guest speakers, educational workshops, and art exhibit featuring the work of 18 artists and poets.

FVPS will present this year in three cities:
New York, Moscow, and Los Angeles, California.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium celebrates artistic excellence found through the union of poetry, film, video, and new media. The symposium brings together cinema enthusiasts, poets, filmmakers, video artists, and media artists to discover innovative work that stems from this dynamic field.

The 2019 program is a conglomerate of this work and is curated through several sources. Please note: The Film and Video Poetry Symposium did not call for entries for this years program. A number of videopoems and poetry films have been selected through a review of past submissions. FVPS also invited poets, filmmakers, video artists, media curators, and cultural institutions to contribute work of high merit and historical importance. Finally, representing our first international exchange, FVPS has programmed 10 poetry films made by Russia directors.

The Here is Light (2016)

Sun - Earth Diglossia (2017)
film & poem. ELENI CAY
choreography. DICKSON MBI

I Have Dreamed Of You So Much (2016)
based on a poem by. ROBERT DESNOS