FVPS Independant Press

The Film and Video Poetry Society is interested in publishing poetry that is willful, visceral and timely. 


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The Film and Video Poetry Society celebrates the tradition of publishing and is looking forward to producing printed material for poets, writers, researchers, artists, and filmmakers.

As part of our mission to support poetry in written form, we have established an independent press.  FVPS strives to produce publications that will find a way onto a family bookshelf or into a historical archive so that our unique perspectives may be shared well into the future. 

FVPS will market and promote books within our own publishing network. This includes social media platforms, film screenings, panels, and gallery events. Presently, we are offering chapbooks for direct purchase through our online bookshop.


Poetry manuscripts will be selected for publication in the form of a chapbook through a submission process. On occasion, manuscripts may be selected through solicitation.

The inaugural reading period begins Fall 2017.


Chapbooks will be printed in-house on archival quality paper. The covers will be woodblock printed or linoleum struck in one color on a heavy stock paper. Chapbooks will then be manually bound using a commercial grade saddle stapler. Each book will be carefully sized and trimmed using a hand-operated guillotine trimmer.  Lastly, the copyright page will be embossed with the FVPS seal. The chapbooks will be produced in small numbers.  We have designed our production method to encourage readers to cherish and preserve the publication and most importantly, the author’s voice.


Selected authors receive 10 copies of the publication as payment and may purchase additional copies at a discounted price. Selected authors will also receive complimentary copies of all FVPS publications released that calendar year.  Initial first print runs will be 50 copies. The Film and Video Poetry Society will purchase and provide a unique ISBN for each publication. We make this investment to further embolden the products collectability and to secure a wider scope of reference.


FVPS charges a $10 reading fee to the author. There are no additional charges.

Publication is free for the author from start to finish. FVPS takes responsibility for the commission of woodcuts or linocuts, layout, and printing. Copyright notices are in the name of the author, and rights to republish content in another format revert to the author after publication.


Please submit only one manuscript per reading period. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. Please withdraw your manuscript immediately if it is accepted by another publisher as we will ask the same upon selecting your work. 

Manuscripts ought to be between 14 and 32 pages. This page count is limited to the following content and must be presented in this order:

Title page → Table of contents → Acknowledgments → Poetry as content → and Biography.

A title page is mandatory and must include the title of the chapbook, your name, the city and country the work originates from, a contact phone number, and your email address.

If applicable, include a table of contents that does not exceed more than one page.

Acknowledgments are optional and must not exceed 100 words on a single page.

If your manuscript includes more than one poem, each poem must begin on its own page.

A biography is not required though if included it must not exceed 215 words on a single page.

Manuscripts should be single spaced and written in a standard font at a standard size. We suggest 12pt. Helvetica with standard one inch margins. If you are an author of experimental work such as visual or concrete poetry, we expect for you apply this format to your title page, table of contents, biography, and acknowledgements.

Individual poems within the manuscript may be previously published but the manuscript as a whole must not have been published in any form.

Do not include .jpg images or video media with your submission in any manner.


The Film and Video Poetry Society is interested in poetry that is willful, visceral and timely. We are not bound by any specific aesthetic or topic; our objective is to publish a collection of well-cultivated writing.  All styles, forms, and schools of poetry are welcome. Writers exhibiting a strong sense of self and/or displaying an intimacy with the natural world, cultural exchange, otherness, science, or observation are encouraged to apply.

Submissions Open Fall, 2017