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POETRY BEAM is a live-streaming experimental "television" network that features live and programmed poetry films and video, essay films, readings, performances, public events, panels and experimental work. 

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Selected work from The Film and Video Poetry Society Archive. 


POETRY BEAM is a live-streaming "television" broadcast featuring both live and pre-programmed poetry films, videopoems, animated poetry, digital poetry, spoken word videos, essay films, poetry readings, performances, public events, panels, and experimental work of all languages. Currently, all projects featured on Poetry Beam's 24-hour broadcast are selected from within The Film and Video Poetry Society's archive.

If you would like to curate with Poetry Beam or have your project considered for programming please email us: PoetryBeam@FVPSociety.com

You may also follow Poetry Beam on Facebook for up to date announcements regarding programming and platform developments.