Inaugural Symposium 2018 Full Program Line Up

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium Official Selections 2018

The 2018 Film and Video Poetry Symposium, presented by the Film and Video Poetry Society, has announced its official program selections for the inaugural edition of The Film and Video Poetry Symposium. The Film and Video Poetry Symposium celebrates artistic excellence found through the union of poetry, film, video, and new media. The symposium brings together cinema enthusiasts, poets, filmmakers, video artists, and media artists to discover international work that represents this dynamic field.

This year's symposium will screen over eighty films representing filmmakers, poets, and artists from over twenty countries, along with workshops, guided panels, and conversations. The Film and Video Poetry Symposium runs from Thursday, April 26 - Sunday, April 29, 2018 in Los Angeles, Ca.

The First Annual Film and Video Poetry Symposium is proud to present the following films to play in its full program:

·       CAPRICORN (director & poet. Greg Budanov, Russia, 2017)
·       DEEP SEE (writer & director. Virginia Lee Montgomery, U.S., 2016)
·       SELAH (d. Maya Cryor, p. Jayme Meri Grant, U.S., 2017)
·       LOVE'S RIVER OF ERRORS (director & poet. David Richardson, U.S., 2016)
·       WHITE NOISE (d. Jason Todd, p. Gabriel Harvey-Savard, Canada, 2016)
·       MARIA (director & poet. Shiri Paamony Eshel, U.S., 2016)
·       RITUAL (d. Stacey Menchel Kussell, p. Aaron Samuels, U.S., 2017)
·       WHOSE NAME WAS WRIT IN WATER (writer & director. Rebecca Davis, U.S., 2017)
·       (SOS) (d. Eduardo Yague, set to the poem written by José Angel Valenta, Spain, 2017)
·       PHAT GIRL (director & poet. Rosemarie Wilson, U.S., 2017)
·       NIMMER (writer & director. Lieven Vanhove, Belgium, 2016)
·       SEARCHING FOR HER (director & poet. Natalie Chao, U.S., 2017)
·       OF CANON AND MEN (director & poet. Yann Chevalier Sarris, France, 2017)
·       VARIATIONS (d. Martin Klein, set to the poem written by Idea Vilarino, Uruguay, 2016)
·       JOHNNY THINKS (d. Malcolm Rumbles, p. Sam Small, U.K., 2017)
·       WAY HOME (director & poet. Lynx Sainte-Marie, Canada, 2017)
·       BERLIN MOVES (director. Evelyn Kreutzer, writer. Walter Benjamin, Germany, 2017)
·       RHYDDID (d. Griff Lynch, set to the poem written by Emyr Lewis, U.K., 2017)
·       X - FILM (d. Iñaki Sagastume, p. Cyr. Spain, 2015)
·       PHANTOM CINEMA (writer & director. Cheng Li-Ming, Taiwan, 2016)
·       EMERALD ICE (d. Jesseca Ynez Simmons, p. Diane Wakoski, U.S., 2016)
·       WHAT FOR JULY (writer & director. Patrick Moser, U.S., 2017)
·       PYTHIA (director & poet. Tova Beck-Friedman, U.S., 2018)
·       MOVING SOUTHWARK (director & poet. Jevan Chowdhury, U.K., 2016)
·       HOW TO LOVE (d. Hieu Gray, p. Gbenga Adesina, U.S., 2017)
·       PORT BOU (d. Winfried Bettmer, p. Erik Lindner, Germany, 2017)
·       TELL YOUR CHILDREN: LARYNGITIS (d. Chris M. Roberson, P. Emilie Rommell Shimkus, U.S., 2016)
·       TELL YOUR CHILDREN: THREADBARE (d. Wonder Russell, P. Emilie Rommell Shimkus, U.S., 2016)
·       TELL YOUR CHILDREN: DEMETER (director & poet. Emilie Rommell Shimkus, U.S., 2016)
·       TELL YOUR CHILDREN: PERSEPHONE (d. Cornelia Duryée Moore, p. Emilie Rommell Shimkus, U.S., 2016)
·       WHITE POINT (d. Annette Philo, p. Dorothy Alexander, U.K., 2017)
·       MY ENEMIES (writer & director. Vasilis Karvounis, Greece, 2014)
·       IRONY (director & poet. Radheya Jegatheva, Australia, 2017)
·       ESCALATORS BECOME STAIRS (d. H. Paul Moon, set to the poetry of Walt Whitman, U.S., 2017)
·       WHA_I_l_OLD YOU A __ORY IN A LANGUAGE I _AN _EAR (director & poet. Liza Sylvestre, U.S., 2015)
·       YOU (director & poet. Sarah Howell, New Zealand, 2017)
·       F*CKING HIM (directors. Adrian Garcia Gomez & C.O. Moed, USA., 2015)
·       TAUPE (director & writer. Zoe Gruni, Brazil, 2018)
·       DRUNKEN LAUNDRY DAY WITH CHARLES BUKOWSKI (d. Fiona Tinwei Lam, p. Henry Doyle, Canada, 2016)
·       MANGOES (d. Sofia Auza, p. Andrew Warner, Canada, 2017)
·       PAPI RUNS (d. Ariel Zucker, p. Javier L. H. Gozalez Spivey, U.S., 2017)
·       PASSING OPENINGS (director & poet. Hanna-Mari Ojala, Finland, 2017)
·       DIGNITY (d. Bob Reynolds, p. Larry Hendricks, U.S., 2017) 
·       ALL FALLS DOWN (writer & director. Oberon Strong, U.S., 2017)
·       GILLS (director. Jamie Kim, U.S., 2018)
·       THE INNOVATOR (director. Jeff Stolhand, Writer. Mary Anzalone, U.S., 2017)
·       CHRYSALIS (writer & director. Nic Nassuet, U.S., 2017)
·       THE DOUBLE (writer & director. Meredith Drum, U.S., 2009)
·       ABSENCE (writer & director. Carolina De Luca, Argentina, 2015)
·       COY WITH CONVICTION (visual artist. Karissa Hahn, U.S., 2017)
·       THE MAN WHO FORGOT TO BREATHE (writer & director. Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran, 2017)
·       14 SENTENCES (director & poet. Carolyn Guinzio, U.S., 2017)
·       TAKE MY HAND (writer & director. Francesco Siro, Italy, 2017)
·       THE RAFT OF MEDUSA, XXIST CENTURY (director & poet. Carles Pamies, Spain, 2017)
·       THE FOREST IS OFFENDED (writer & artist. Stephanie Barber, U.S., 2017)
·       SUPPLE HEARTS (director & poet. Samantha Casia Kaiza Williams, U.K., 2017)
·       OCEANIK (d. Lucia Sellars, p. Nia Davies, U.K., 2017)
·       SEL (d. Mark Korven, p. Kate Marshall Flaherty, Canada, 2017)
·       DAILIES FORM THE USA (media artist. Michael Woods, U.S., 2017)
·       MEANT TO BE FELT (d. Mark Millstein, p. Peter Scarbo Frawley, U.S., 2013)
·       HUMANS (d. Alex Afshar, p. Nima Yushij, Sweden, 2017)
·       EATING SECRETS (writer & director. Stephan Lugbauer, Austria, 2017)
·       THE HEAD I HELD (d. Ava Broscoff, p. Daniel Ruefman, U.S., 2016)
·       DODO (writer & director. Emma Kathleen, U.S., 2017)
·       TALKING SKULL (d. David Asher Brook, p. Hanna Brook, Australia, 2015)
·       "O" (media artist: Alejandro Thornton, Brazil, 2014)
·       MARKETING TO DEATH (d. Braddon Mendelson, p. Jerry Danielson, U.S., 2015)
·       CONTINENT (director & poet. Katya Yakubov, U.S., 2015)
·       YOURS IS NOT THE TAJ MAHAL (director & poet. Shayna Connelly, U.S., 2017
·       DOG DAZE (director & poet. Ian Gibbins, Australia, 2017)
·       WHERE IS EVA HIPSEY (director. Orla Mc Hardy, writer. Justin Spooner, U.S., 2016)
·       STANZA (director. Alicja Jasina, set to the poem written by Aldous Huxley, U.S., 2017)
·       COLLAPSING (d. Brian Ratigan, p. Daniel DaVaughn, U.S., 2016)
·       PARKING LOT ATTENDANT (d. Charlotte Clermont, p. Alain Lefebvre, Canada, 2016)
·       THE DYNAMISTS (writer & director. Helen Anna Flanagan, Netherlands, 2016)
·       TECHNOLAPSE (media artist. Maria Fernanda Bertero, Ecuador, 2017)
·       STRANGERS (d. Lisa Seidenberg, set to the poem written by Rose Ausländer, Austria, 2017)
·       WHEN THEY COME FOR ME (d. Diego Estrada, p. Alejandro Jimenez, U.S., 2017)
·       TO ALYA (writer & director. Ivan Oganesov, Russia, 2017)
·       SHHH! (d. Clare Unworth, p. Leah Thorn, U.K., 2016)
·       SPILLED MILK ON A BANJO (d. Adriane Little, p. Lisa Williams, U.S., 2015)

Best Poetry Film will be given in recognition of the most outstanding poetry film.  Best Choreopoem will go to the film combining both poetry and dance with great merit. The Marker Award will go to the symposium’s finest example of essay film. The Mercury Award will be presented for excellence in experimental film. The Poetry Impact Award will go to the poet who penned the finest poem for a poetry film or video.

All awards are scheduled to be announced during the award ceremony at Boston Court Performing Arts Center on April 29, 2018.

Venues, film blocks, programming, workshops, and panels will be announced on this news feed, email, and social media on March 22, 2018.