L.A. Zine Fest 2018 Tabling Application

 Specific images of what will be for sale at FVPS table.


Presented to The L.A. ZINE Fest for 2018 Application

Above you will find a slide show of images that document the evolution of our zine library. The second run of Make Me A Doorway is co-designed and printed with Charles Overbeck of Eberhardt Press.

Sargasso iii is a collaboration between FVPS and Marcus Aurelius Littler's production company Slowboat Films.

Sirenum Scopuli: The Film and Video Poetry Market (previously titled Little Black Book) is a result of our platforms 2 years of correspondence and development. The guide will be printed on a consumer printer. The cover will be lino printed and the spine stapled.

Finally, Bright'en Blues is a compilation of journal entries, poetry, and images inspired by a short film of the same name.  This zine will be printed on a consumer printer.

Our publications are all self published and printed with DIY methods that combine relief printing, fine paper, the use of consumer printers, Xerox printers, hand folding, stapling, string binding, & paper pressing.